What is Thin Dense Chromium?

PWS?s Thin Dense Chromium coating is applied through an electro coating process. It is an extremely hard precision coating applied to metal under rigid quality controls to produce amazing wear and corrosion-resistant surfaces. The coating can be applied to most metal types, ferrous and non-ferrous, with the exception being aluminium, manganese and titanium. PWS?s Thin Dense Chromium offers a unique solution to chromium coatings. Unlike conventional hard chrome, PWS?s Thin Dense Chromium is far more durable, flexible and can be applied to a far greater range of products and applications not possible through normal conventional means.

Value-added benefits of Thin Dense Chromium

  • Deposit Thickness ?Extremely Hard 78Rc
  • Conformity
  • Reduced wear and friction of moving parts
  • Low heat application won't distort components
  • Higher resistance to corrosion than standard chrome plating
  • Performs in temperatures from -240º to +840º C
  • Prevention of Hydrogen Embrittlement
  • No chipping, cracking or peeling from the base metal
  • Improved release characteristics on moulds and dies
  • Reduced maintenance and machinery replacement costs
  • Smoother, faster and quieter running equipment

Thin Dense Chromium conforms exactly to the base metal surface. All threads, flutes, even scratches are reproduced in detail. The finished Thin Dense Chromium coated surface has excellent lubricity qualities.

PWS?s Thin Dense Chromium process is performed at low temperatures (below 60° C), eliminating growth, distortion or warping. This low temperature process will not affect the mechanical characteristics of the base metal such as hardness, strength, creep, ductility, elasticity or toughness Thin Dense Chromium will perform well at temperatures normally experienced in manufacturing. It will withstand ambient temperatures between -240º C to +840º C.  PWS?s Thin Dense Chromium maintains its corrosion protection and friction reduction capabilities across this temperature range.

PWS?s Thin Dense Chromium will not chip, flake, crack, peel or separate from the base material under standard ASTM bend tests or under conditions of extreme heat or cold. PWS?s Thin Dense Chromium, being compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, allows maximum design selection of base materials. Aluminum, magnesium and titanium are not considered good candidates for base material selection.Improved Release Characteristics Thin Dense Chromium helps reduce maintenance requirements and downtime in the mould industry due to the smooth, micro-nodular surface produced by the coating. This will lead to more shots and shorter cycle times. Moulding areas stay cleaner longer and require less maintenance while burnt on plastic and rubber can be quickly removed.

Thin Dense Chromium process control prevents the Embrittlement phenomenon from occurring, though manufacturing conditions may not, necessarily, be removed.
The PWS?s Thin Dense Chrome process will not affect the tensile, yield of fatigue properties of the base metal.

Thin Dense Chromium is COMPATABLE on the following range of Manufacturing Metals

  • Tool Steels (1018, 4140, D-2, A-2, H-13, S-7, etc.)
  • All Stainless Steels (300 and 400 Series, Inconel, 17-4, 15-5, NAK 55, etc.)
  • Cold Roll/Hot Roll Beryllium
  • Bearing Steels (52100, 8620, etc.) Copper and Copper Alloys
  • Alloy-enhanced Steels MoldMax® / Protherm
  • Stress-Proof Bronze/Brass
  • High Carbon / Low Carbon Steels   
  • Cast Irons  


Conforms to ASTM-B177, AMS-2438a (10/98), ASM-2406, Mill Spec. QQ-C-320B Class 2 Type 2, USDA/FDA compliant for use on food processing equipment and pharmaceutical applications.

Thin Dense Chromium Application

Being a versatile coating, Thin Dense Chromium can be applied on a variety of shapes, sizes, forms and surfaces, creating a hard, slippery, and corrosion resistant surface. It can be applied to internal diameters as well as down blind holes as well as threads and flutes. There is no loss in definition or profile of the surface and even scratches and blemishes, are reproduced in detail with 100% adhesion to the base metal.Proven Applications of Thin Dense Chromium

Aluminum Coating

Our Aluminum coating was developed to meet the challenge of protection for ALL aluminum alloys. This technologically advanced coating provides a precision deposit of a dense, non-magnetic, high chromium alloy deposited directly on the aluminum substrate.
Most conventional electroplatings and/or conversion coatings find aluminum alloys extremely difficult to coat for the following three reasons:
  • Aluminum oxidizes rapidly.
  • Aluminum acts as a cathode during the coating process leaving voids in the coating which lead to corrosion problems.
  • The thermal expansion seen with aluminum alloys differs markedly from most metals used in electroplating. This factor causes most conventional plating products to peel, chip, flake and not adhere to the base aluminum substrate.

Our coating offers an extremely hard (70-72 Rc) surface providing an unusual combination of bearing-type properties, low friction coefficients, longer wear life and excellent corrosion protection. Deposit thickness for most applications can be engineered up to .001" per side. The coating WILL NOT chip, flake or peel in application.

Our Aluminum Coating is non-reflective, matte satin-gray coating. It is uniform in deposit thickness and consistent in appearance, eliminating staining and discoloration problems.
Aluminum coating  has been proven successful in many different applications including:
  • Sizing Dies and Molds
  • Heat Sealing
  • Medical Equipment
  • Aircraft Housings and Shafts
  • Automation Equipment (Plates, Rails, Slides)
  • Computer Chip / Wafer Processing
  • Test Equipment

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